Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is difference between MapMyID & Ship2MyID?

MapMyID brings technology (Patent pending) that let you map the online world and the offline world, allowing you to have the best of both. The security, convenience, and connections of the online world can be used to facilitate offline-world connectivity and closeness. Ship2MyID, our first flagship service, is a social commerce enabler (Patent Pending technology platform) that will allow users to buy items online and send them to others without needing to know the receiver's physical address.

2. I am struggling to register, and/or I never got a validation email.

Please drop us an email at with details and provide your contact number. If we are not able to resolve your issue, we will try and best to call you back with other options.

3. How do I find retailers who use the Ship2MyID platform?

The safest and easiest way to find them is to browse through our retailers page. We have chosen a few retailers as pilots. Many retailers have approached us to be part of our system. We will very soon validate and bring more qualified retailers to help you buy a variety of items. Reaching the retailers website through us will help you leverage special offers and also help you avoid phishing and scams.

4. Can I buy an item for myself?

Of course. This is more than just a gifting website. Our intention is to offer a simple, fun, and easy way to experience eCommerce. You are more than welcome to ship to your own ID.

5. What can I send with Ship2MyID?

Ship2MyID has partnerships with a variety of web retailers, letting you send nearly any item. A full list of our retail partnerships can be found here. (make 'here' a link) We will constantly work with multiple retailers to offer you a comprehensive list of products.

6. What is an address book? Why is this important?

An address book is your personal contact list. This may include your personal friends, Facebook/ Linkedin friends, or your business relationships. Currently you can download your contacts from your iPhone. We encourage you to go through your contacts and create your own trusted circle by adding them under "Auto Acceptance". This way you can ensure that you are receiving gifts from your close friends and family. In near future we will be including features such as importing contacts from Hotmail / Yahoo / Gmail etc.

7. Do I have to pay any fees?

No. MapMyID will not be charging any fees to its users.

8. What happens if the receiver rejects the shipment?

The privacy and security of our users is of utmost importance to us. If the receiver rejects the shipment, then a notification is sent back to the retailer and to the sender. The retailer will refund the sender's payment quickly. Many times, rejection may happen if the receiver doesn’t recognize the sender. We encourage the sender to give plenty of information and to include an appropriate message, to make sure the receiver recognizes you and accepts your shipment.

9. What happens if the receiver doesn’t get the notification?

Sometimes the notification may be missorted as spam and the receiver may therefore fail to notice it. We encourage the users to download our iPhone app, so that they don’t miss any notifications. (Don't worry, more mobile platforms are coming soon.) As part of our proccess we send multiple reminders to the receiver, and if they still don't acknowledge the notification, we consider this as rejection and proceed to refund as mentioned above.

10. How safe it is to accept a package? What is my risk? Is there a way to know what's in the shipment?

Please accept shipments only from known people. While we encourage senders to include messages stating what they're sending to you, there are times when they might not want you to know, in order to make sure that their gift is a surprise. If needed, you can always decline the shipment and/or ask the sender for clarification, although this may of course delay shipment. Nothing will ever be sent to you without your acceptance.

11. Is there a way I can send items without waiting for receiver to accept?

If a receiver has you listed as an “Auto Acceptance” friend, then you can send shipments to them without waiting for their acceptance. The item will be shipped as soon as the order is completed and the retailer is ready with the item to be shipped. The Auto Acceptance feature is designed to make sure there is an element of surprise and fun in the process. However, we encourage users to go through their contacts in their address book and only list trusted friends as “Auto Acceptance”. Auto Acceptance is also the fastest way to receive gifts. The Auto Acceptance status of contacts can be changed at any time.

12. Can I ship internationally?

The ability to ship internationally depends on our retailers. Our platform doesn’t offer any barrier to the retailer, so international shipments are fully possible.

13. Will my address be stored permanently?

Every account must have at least one address listed. This is to make sure items sent to you are being delivered. These address are totally confidential and never shared between partners.

14. Is my address kept confidential?

Your address will never be shared with any other user of MapMyID. We take privacy very seriously. Our philosophy is that you should be able to communicate and engage in transactions freely, without worrying about security. Please refer to our Terms of Use and Privacy policy for more details.

15. What happens when I change addresses? Do I need to update my information? Will I lose my shipments?

Yes, you should keep your address updated. The item will be shipped to your primary address, so if your address isn't updated, you might not receive the shipment.

16. What if the item does not arrive? Whom should I contact?

The items are shipped by retailers. We only provide the right address to ship the item to. Please call the retailer's customer service in regards to missed shipments. If you think you are not getting a satisfactory response, please let us know immediately. We would be happy to validate the transaction on your behalf.

17. Why I am not able to see any data coming in from Linkedin?

First, please login once through linkedin. This will make sure we link your mapmyid account to Linkedin. Please repeat the process whenever you change your linkedin logins. Even after login through Linkedin fails to show data, that might be because we track primarily "job changes" from Linkedin. It might be that none of your connections changed jobs in last 120 days.